Should you be admitted to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center, we will do all we can to make your admission as simple and pleasant as possible.

Normally, your physician arranges admission. How soon you can be admitted to the hospital depends on the availability of beds and other facilities.

If You Are Having Surgery

Admission for elective surgery depends on the demand on the hospital's surgical schedule at any given time. There are several admission procedures available for elective surgery:

  • Ambulatory Surgery Program is for minor surgical procedures done under local anesthesia.
  • Day Surgery involves administration of anesthesia, but usually no overnight stay. And Day of Surgery Admission allows some elective surgical patients who will require post-operative hospitalization to be admitted on the morning of surgery. These individuals will go from a Special Admissions Unit directly to the Operating Room. A bed will be assigned after surgery.

When you come into the Hospital for your Pre-Surgical Testing, you will be advised by staff where to report on the day of admission. For specific preadmission instructions, a registrar will contact you up to two weeks prior to your procedure.

What to Bring

  • A robe, slippers, pajamas or a nightgown, eyeglasses and any essential toiletry articles.
  • Only enough money in your room to pay for telephone and television service, and the purchase of magazines, newspapers and other incidentals. Telephone and television services may be paid by cash or check only. 
  • If you are taking medication for the treatment of a chronic or ongoing condition, we ask that you write down the name or names of your medications on a piece of paper and bring it with you when you report for admission.

What Not to Bring

  • All valuables, such as jewelry, rings and watches, should be left at home since the hospital cannot assume responsibility for them.
  • Body jewelry should be also removed prior to admission.
  • Please do not bring any medication into the hospital, unless you have specific instructions from your physician or Pre-Admission Testing (PAT) nurse to do so.

Upon Arrival

Please report to the Emergency Room Registration Office to answer some necessary questions. We realize that answering questions can be bothersome, but we hope you understand that the information we require is essential to provide proper care for you. Also, government regulations require that we ascertain certain information. At the end of your admission, you will be given an identification wristband. This band identifies you to each person who participates in your care and must be worn throughout the duration of your stay. 


Every effort will be made to provide the type of accommodations you request. Sometimes the Medical Center is unable to fulfill a patient's exact wishes with regard to the type of room or other accommodations he or she desires. Also, because of physician's orders or for other reasons, it is sometimes necessary to transfer a patient to another room. We thank you for understanding. 

Advance Directives

In accordance with the Patient Self-Determination Act and the New York State Public Health Law, it is the policy of Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center to support the individual's rights to make decisions concerning their medical care, including the right to accept or refuse medical or surgical treatment and the right to formulate an advance directive.

Patient Forms

Please bring these completed forms with you when you come for your preadmission testing. To expedite the process, fax to: 631-654-7786.

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