"On March 8th, I had a heart attack and was taken to Brookhaven Hospital."
"My stubbornness almost got me killed. Luckily, my cardiac rehab team was even more stubborn!"
"I wasn't sure about going to Brookhaven for my chest pains. Now I wouldn't go anywhere else."
"I was at a Christmas party doubled over in pain. Getting to Brookhaven's Emergency Department turned out to be the best gift of all!"
"My feet had third degree burns. Thanks to the Brookhaven Wound Care Center, I was back on them in no time."
"October 25, 2014 is a day I'll always remember. That was the day I got my life back."
"When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my trust in God and my doctors at Brookhaven got me through it."
"Mom knew her time had come. Thanks to Brookhaven Hospice, it was a time we could treasure."
"Bariatric surgery helped me lose 110 pounds. Hearing my husband say 'I got my wife back' helps me to keep it off."
"I had a stroke on Friday the 13th. But when I got to Brookhaven Hospital, my luck turned."