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Brookhaven Hospital Celebrated National Nurses Week

May 17, 2017

L to R: CEO Richard T. Margulis, Vincent Albertson & daughter Sophia, Nassau-Suffolk Nurse Excellence Nominee; John Raynor, RN; Keisha Wisdom, VP & Chief Nursing Officer; Dr. Hossaini & son; Dianelee Burkhardt, ED Preceptor of the Year Award

The Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit was the theme of this past week's celebration, which truly embodied the spirit of care the nursing staff provides for the patients each and every day. A four day series of events including educational seminars, relaxation and experiential activities were expertly planned and executed by the Senior Nursing Leadership, Nursing Management, and Behavioral Health and Professional Development staff.

The Annual Awards presentation featuring comments by Mark S. Mulholland, the Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, Richard T. Margulis and Keisha Wisdom, VP & Chief Nursing Officer, all spoke eloquently on the power of Purpose, Commitment and Love.

The award presentation included acknowledgement of the Rising Stars of Brookhaven:

Daphne Albin
Emily Brinkworth
Elissa Bruzga
Diane Cesario
Sanjib Dey
Amanda DiMaio
Lauren Flanagan
Christopher George
Carolyn Holecek
Viviani Lopes-Boggio

Courtney McElhone
Christine Michelini
Natalie Radino
Claudia Ramirez
Daryl Ramrattan
Ellen Siegler
Jonathan Simsuango
Hannah Vega
Jennifer Zanelotti

The Essential Piece Award individuals were Chef Dan Walker, Cynthia Keenan, Risk Management and Stephanie Condra, Creative Arts Therapist, while the department awards went to CDI and Engineering. The Physician Award of Recognition went to Dr. Wazhma Hossaini, and Patient Care was awarded to Nancy Elam, Medical Assistant, Wound Care. The preceptor of the Year was Dianelee Burkhardt, RN from the Emergency Department and the Brookhaven Award for Clinical Excellence was presented to John Raynor from 4 North. Finally, the PD-PAP Awards went to Elissa Bruzga, RN, Level I; Karen Miglino, RN, Level II, and Judy O'Shea, RN, Level III, Congratulations to all!

Upcoming Events

May 16 - 25, 2018
Knapp Cardiac Care Center- Walking Club

Patchogue YMCA Heart Healthy Walking Club

May 30, 2018 5:30PM -
Live Well, Play Well Community Connections

CPR & AED Demonstration - Life Saving Techniques!
Patchogue , NY

June 20, 2018 5:00PM -
Knapp Cardiac Care Center - Support Group

Mediterranean Diet: Summer Style
Patchogue , NY