Our advanced trauma and emergency medical team cares about your health—and values your time—so you won’t wait long to see a doctor… and can leave feeling better, sooner.

Every year, our Emergency Department treats more than 70,000 people just like you from throughout Eastern Long Island. Our highly skilled trauma team of Emergency and Trauma Care trained physicians and nurses provide treatment around the clock, seven days a week. Ancillary staff includes nursing assistants, technicians, unit secretaries, social work staff and volunteers.

Designated as a Level II Area Trauma Center by the New York State Department of Health – one of only four community hospitals on Long Island to earn this designation – the Medical Center is able to treat all trauma cases from mid-Suffolk to as far east as Montauk, making us an integral part of Suffolk County's Emergency Medical Service program. 

What Is Trauma?

Trauma is defined as a sudden severe injury that is unexpected, such as car accident, plane crash or sometimes even a fall. Access to an Area Trauma Center – providing immediate care and saving critical minutes – can be crucial in the outcome of a patient.

Also crucial is compassion for the patient's family. Our unique Emergency Department Ambassador program meets that need. Staffed solely by volunteers who provide compassion and guidance, they’re there to help you cope with the demands of an emergency room crisis.

As with all programs and services at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center, providing you with quality care is the primary concern of our Emergency Department, as we meet your medical needs with professionalism, respect and dignity.              

PhysicianFirst Puts You First

To that end, the Medical Center initiated PhysicianFirst, an innovative approach that moves the doctor’s clinical evaluation to the front of the triage process, which reduces wait time and speeds diagnosis and treatment so you can feel better, faster.

While traditional triage places a patient in front of nursing staff and predominantly focuses on data collection, PhysicianFirst moves a doctor or Physician Assistant during peak times to the front of the process and the patient directly into assessment followed quickly by treatment, further testing or discharge. The result is a better patient experience with:

  • Improved triage accuracy.
  • Greater patient satisfaction.
  • Dramatic improvements in door-to-doctor times, walkout rates and length of stay.