Welcome to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center's Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

What is Pulmonary Rehabilitation?

The new pulmonary rehabilitation program at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center is a supervised and monitored course that is tailored to the specific needs of individuals with pulmonary disease. This comprehensive course will greatly benefit individuals with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), asthma, cystic fibrosis, lung cancer, lung reduction surgery, sarcoidosis and for those awaiting lung transplant.

Our goal at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center is to help the people in our community with pulmonary disease to lead a full and satisfying life by restoring them to their highest functional capacity.

How would it benefit me?

Pulmonary Rehabilitation will:

  • Help you control your respiratory symptoms and complications
  • Provide in depth evidence based education on how to identify and self-manage your disease at home
  • Provide emotional and social support to effectively deal with anxiety, depression and stress
  • Reduce frequent hospitalizations
  • Improve your physical endurance by reconditioning your lung and heart muscle
  • Improve overall quality of life and decrease dependency on others

What are the enrollment requirements?

Physician referral is required for admission into the program. Most insurance will cover pulmonary rehabilitation services but the approved sessions will vary based on the actual diagnosis.

Once we receive the referral and all the required information from your physician, our dedicated staff will contact you to set up an interview and orientation to the program.

What is the program structure?

The sessions will run 2-3 times a week and can last 3-4 months based on the number of sessions approved by your insurance carrier and your availability. We also have supervised self-pay maintenance classes for sustaining and maintaining your long term progress.

In addition to the exercise session the program will also provide educational sessions on:

  • Proper medication administration techniques
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Diet, nutrition, and weight management
  • Identifying triggers, self-care techniques and when to seek help

Where can I get more information?

You can contact the Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services by calling (631) 654-7774